Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Equine and Pet Treatment

Here you can find out more about veterinarian, therapists and practitioners, who offer the Matrix-Rhythm Therapy right now.

The search function is in German language. You only need to enter the locality, where you want to search for therapists (for example in “Munich”) and to click “Suche” (=Search).


Entfernung: 20.04 km

Inge Kroenke - Pferdephysio Kroenke

Grießlstr. 17a
85241 Ampermoching

Telefon:0171 2774938

Entfernung: 32.37 km

Petra Doleschal - Vierbeiner-Therapiezentrum

Akazienring 9
85391 Allershausen

Telefon:0171/381 6036

Entfernung: 58 km

Brigitte Bartl - Naturheilpraxis Sonja Ilitz

Graseckstr. 47
82431 Kochel am See

Telefon:08851 924660

Entfernung: 77.26 km

Claudia Götz - Matrix- & Osteo-Therapie für Pferde

Oberbuch 5
93352 Rohr

Telefon:0175 3580787

Entfernung: 80.53 km

Christine von Kreß - Die HundePhysioPraxis

Klinkerberg 1
86152 Augsburg


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