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The Relevance of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy for High Performance Horses and Horses for Leisure Riding


“Matrix Rhythm Therapy” as such, including the below-stated purposes, modes of action and medical applications of the “Matrixmobil®” device, have their origins in Complementary Medicine and are understood as alternatives and supplements to the scientifically-based treatment methods of conventional medicine. At present, the claims concerning the stated therapeutic applications and treatment methods are supported only by studies with small cohort numbers, pilot studies, observational evidence and case reports. No clinical studies of Evidence Level 1b (randomized, placebo-controlled trials of high methodological quality and an adequate number of test persons) or Evidence Level 1a (Meta-analyses based on an array of high-quality Level 1b-studies) are presently available; so that the stated therapy, treatment methods and treatment possibilities must be regarded as not yet validated, or at least controversial, according to the criteria of orthodox scientific medicine.


In competitively performing horses, muscle functionality often determines between victory and defeat. Muscles therapeutically treated with the Matrixmobil® cannot be considered a doping violation. Treated horses are optimally prepared (exchange of liquids and metabolism) for high performance so that they can temporise with each stride.

Apart from that, Matrix-Rhythm Therapy also improves, promotes and maintains inner balance, the willingness to perform and the overall health of horses. Competitive horses as well as leisure horses have been successfully treated with the MaRhyThe system. In general, horses feel very comfortable during this sensitive kind of massage.


Matrix-Rhythm Therapy is applied in animal medicine in regard to prevention and rehabilitation. It is recommended for the following indications:

  • Hardening;
  • Amyotrophia;
  • Injuries of tendons or ligaments;
  • Improvement of limited joint mobility (post-traumatic, after immobilisation, osteoarthritis);
  • Back and neck problems;
  • Scars
  • Non-specific paralysis or lameness;
  • Support of veterinary rehabilitation concepts;
  • Re-establishment of elasticity and plasticity; and
  • Palliation of acute and chronic pain (over-expansion of muscle fibres).

Without diagnostic results, it may also useful to apply Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy:

  • As a prophylactic measure to prevent problems of muscles or tendons;
  • To optimise mobility;
  • To prepare for competitions; and
  • Improvement of regeneration after high-performance levels.

Tasche für mobilen EinsatzA shoulder bag allowing for an even more flexible application was designed especially for use in veterinary medicine. Combined with the optional extension lead, the user has maximum mobility.

What Different Contraindications Must Be Taken into Account?

  • open, inflamed or infected skin surfaces;
  • new fractures;
  • increased bleeding tendencies or haemorrhaging;
  • tendency for embolism;
  • cardiac pacemakers;
  • mucous membranes;
  • direct bone contact; and
  • direct eye contact.