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Since 1998, when Matrix Rhythm Therapy was established as a practical therapeutic method, more than 3400 physicians, osteopaths, physiotherapists, dentists, practitioners of alternative medicine, medical masseurs and other medical service providers in various countries have been trained in its use.


“Matrix Rhythm Therapy” as such, including the below-stated purposes, modes of action and medical applications of the “Matrixmobil®” device, have their origins in Complementary Medicine and are understood as alternatives and supplements to the scientifically-based treatment methods of conventional medicine. At present, the claims concerning the stated therapeutic applications and treatment methods are supported only by studies with small cohort numbers, pilot studies, observational evidence and case reports. No clinical studies of Evidence Level 1b (randomized, placebo-controlled trials of high methodological quality and an adequate number of test persons) or Evidence Level 1a (Meta-analyses based on an array of high-quality Level 1b-studies) are presently available; so that the stated therapy, treatment methods and treatment possibilities must be regarded as not yet validated, or at least controversial, according to the criteria of orthodox scientific medicine.


Matrix Rhythm Therapists world-wide offer their patients a systemic and holistic medicine. According to the Matrix Concept, therapists utilize the Matrixmobil both locally and systemically. They aim to stimulate healing processes via entrainment by acting directly on the cell biological level.

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