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The MaRhyThe Systems GmbH & Co. KG


MaRhyThe-Systems was founded in 1999.

Scientific studies concerning cell biology in the context of the project “Klinikgekoppelte Grundlagenforschung“ (Foundational research clinic-linked) at Erlangen University made obvious that specific patterns of frequencies and amplitudes initiate and accelerate healing processes. After research results had been presented nationally and internationally and discussed at medical symposia of different scientific fields, we invented an instrument for the “Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie”: the Matrixmobil®. An active therapeutic device, classified as an class lla product. MaRhyThe Systems has a EN ISO 13485 Certification.

Our Philosophy

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy can be considered as part of a seminal development: regenerative medicine. The primary concern is healing different illnesses by rearranging non-efficient cells, tissue and organs by the means of stimulating the endogenous regeneration and repair processes. Physiological processes are based on biological structures with the three “ingredients of life”; energy, matter and information and keep it alive. The space-time patterns that are coupled through processes receive more and more importance. We welcome this innovative development in the traditional medicine of the 21st Century and find the meaning of our work in taking part therein.


Matrix-Rhythm Therapy is one of the regulative therapies consistent with nature, e.g. according to the naturopathic system of Rev. Kneipp. Life as a process is expressed rhythmically and dynamically stabilized. Matrix-Rhythm Therapy combines traditional views with models of 20th Century physics and has proven to be extremely effective in practice. We want to spread Matrix-Rhythm Therapy and the scientific findings that have led us to this form of therapy so that process-oriented thinking is a matter of due course.


MaRhyThe-System is responsible for improvements in current scientific research, and the sale of equipment for Matrix-Rhythm Therapy. MaRhyThe-System organises introductory seminars, training courses for defined matrix-therapy modules as well as national and international workshops to promote interdisciplinary dialogue between basic scientists, clinicians and practising therapists.


We work together as a happy and motivated team. With energy and ease, we go about our daily tasks. In MaRhyThe-System, a constructive, goal-oriented and creative way of working is practised and encouraged. We are always willing to listen – to each other and to our customers.