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The Matrix Concept

Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll – inventor of Matrix Rhythm Therapy – has published numerous scientific papers. This standard work The Matrix Concept specifies the scientific and historical principles based on the Matrix Rhythm Therapy and includes many case studies. It can be ordered in English or German.

Healing by relieving muscular congestion

Dental Tribune, Prevention International No. 1, 2017

Matrix Rhythm Therapy Curing Paing and Illnesses with Alpha Vibrations

Raum & Zeit, By Reinhard Eichelbeck.


Vibrations and their indication in sport-injuries


The Principles of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Pain and restrictions of movement are systemic and local consequences of disturbances in the logistics of the living process. They can be successfully treated by optimizing cell biological processes.

Biomagazine2015_Curing Pain by gentle Vibrations_00001

Curing Pain by Gentle Vibrations

The amazing successes of Matrix Rhythm Therapy


Yoga and Therapy

Interview with Dr. Christoph Garner and Dr. Ulrich Randoll – In this discussion physicians Dr. Garner and Dr. Randoll explain how the principles of Yoga and Matrix Rhythm Therapy are used to treat patients at the Clinic in Bad Griesbach, Germany