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“Matrix Rhythm Therapy” as such, including the below-stated purposes, modes of action and medical applications of the “Matrixmobil®” device, have their origins in Complementary Medicine and are understood as alternatives and supplements to the scientifically-based treatment methods of conventional medicine. At present, the claims concerning the stated therapeutic applications and treatment methods are supported only by studies with small cohort numbers, pilot studies, observational evidence and case reports. No clinical studies of Evidence Level 1b (randomized, placebo-controlled trials of high methodological quality and an adequate number of test persons) or Evidence Level 1a (Meta-analyses based on an array of high-quality Level 1b-studies) are presently available; so that the stated therapy, treatment methods and treatment possibilities must be regarded as not yet validated, or at least controversial, according to the criteria of orthodox scientific medicine.


Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is an innovative therapeutic approach at the core of modern 21st Century medicine. It is based on the scientific fact that the all cells of biological systems vibrate rhythmically as long as they are alive.

The therapy is a practical outcome of fundamental research studies into cell biology conducted at Erlangen University in Germany (Research and Practical Experience).

Here the basic underlying principles : the human body is always oscillating – as are the bodies of all endothermic animals (e.g. horses, cats, dogs, etc.) – in a frequency range between 8 – 12 vibrations per second. That is not a new discovery but during the past 10 years has now been observed in great detail using high-tech video microscopy. Without such visual aids, these minimal vibrations can only be seen under rare conditions such as in the case of certain fevers (ague) or amyostasia (due to tension).

Constituting an amount of 45%, the endothermic skeletal muscles are the most important power units (organs) and the strongest “impulse generators” for micro-circulation.

While the myocardium pumps blood into the finest arteries and transports oxygen and nutrients to cells, the rhythmically vibrating skeletal muscles are needed to facilitate the removal of metabolic products from the cellular connective tissue. In the immediate proximity of each cell, the vibration leads to a pumping effect that facilitates the transport and removal of nutrients, antibodies and waste products.


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If there are any muscular disorders, vibrations will slow down. This can lead to swelling, as the affected cell areas cannot be sufficiently provided for or fed. Initially, painful hardening may ensue. These may consistently cause changes in muscle tissue, blood vessels and nerve tissue. Without the pumping effect of healthy, rhythmically vibrating muscles, the efficient functioning of cells cannot be maintained.

Therefore, Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is based on the characteristic and symptomatic spectrum of oscillation of the skeletal muscles.

The Functional Principle of the Therapy

SchulterbehandlungWhen applied from the exterior, Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy has a lasting effect on the cell matrix as well as on the extracellular matrix. With its resonator (The Product) constructed for that specific purpose, the instrument brings about mechanical and magnetic vibrations according to the body’s own characteristic micro-vibrations.

Asymmetrical pressure on the tissue thereby leads to a simultaneous stimulation of the pump-suction-effect and a physiological stimulation of the neuron receptors. The body’s self-oscillation and that of the nervous system is each stimulated and restored. Thus, manifold essential metabolic processes occurring between the cell and the extracellular matrix can proceed. Within a short time period, the metabolism in the affected region is restored back to normal.

In other words, employing rhythmic micro-extension, Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy affects cytological levels, thus causing a time rearrangement of cellular micro processes. This forms the basis for cyto-regeneration and healing in general.

The result is that the affected tissue (muscles, skin, tendons, etc.) becomes permeable and flexible and can again take part in the body’s recovery.

How is the Therapy Applied?

Therapy is applied using a tool, the Matrixmobil®, whereby this issue may not be reduced to a matter of technicality. Rather the therapeutic success crucially depends on the exact handling, sensitivity and anatomical knowledge of the qualified user, e.g. a physician, physiotherapist or massage therapist. Despite its importance in terms of success, however, the handling of the instrument is not complicated. The most important principles of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy and the instrument, the Matrixmobil®, are explained and demonstrated in introductory workshops.

Being a sensitive and deeply penetrating treatment based on the body’s enormous self-healing capacities, Matrix-Rhythm Therapy should be applied at an early clinical stage to prevent serious surgery in some cases. After surgery, however, it can indeed help optimise the healing process. To see a list of indications, please click the links Human Medicine or Veterinary Medicine.

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy can be easily combined with other methods of physical therapy.

Where is the Difference to Other Methods?

Classic methods of physical medicine and rehabilitation also focus on the skeletal muscles. The skin, the muscles, the connective tissue, lymph, and reflex zones are externally stimulated using different massage techniques, especially kneading and activating neural trigger points to improve blood flow and loosen, stretch and relax the muscles, thus enabling better removal of metabolic waste products. In contrast to the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy, however, these methods operate at a less deep tissue level.

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is deeply pervasive therapy. By taking into consideration the latest research findings like the physiological pulsing of cells and the important role of the extracellular matrix, the great effectiveness of this method can be seen in the improvement of the structural quality of tissue by systematically re-establishing the quality of the physiological process.