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Research and Practical Experience

Significant clinical therapeutic success with tumour patients in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Erlangen University in 1989 and 1990 led to an extensive research project over several years.

New therapeutic models and strategies proved to be effective and did not focus primarily on the destruction of tumour cells. The possibility of making an impact on cells via the extracellular matrix had gained more and more significance.

Many questions came up such as:

  • Which functional regulatory processes resulting from fields as well as from cellular and molecular rhythms formed the basis of cell structures or the extracellular matrix?
  • What methods were available when observing living cells?
  • What importance did “cell territories” have for the differentiation of cells as already described by Dr. Rudolf C. Virchow, M.D. in 1852?

The regulative effect of the extracellular matrix had to be submitted to careful examination.

The therapy can be considered a practical consequence of the results of the “Clinical Fundamental Research” project (1991 – 1998) at Erlangen University in Germany.

Ongoing qualification of therapists, evaluation of Matrix Rhythm Therapy results and promotion of medical science in this field do have a significant and valuable impact on therapeutic use and therapeutic results. To be able to reach these social interests demands a great deal of effort and dedication and needs a solid scientific foundation.

Therefore Dr. Randoll Institut, a non-profit institution has specialized on the matrix research and education. Under the leadership of Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll and supported by a dedicated Scientific Board this institute promotes research, education and information for the benefits of patients and society.