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The Matrixmobil®

The Matrixmobil® is the result of long-term scientific research and extensive practice experience. Nevertheless – or even on that account – it remains an uncomplicated medical device. The Matrixmobil® is registered according to European Union Council Direktive 93/42/EEC, as amanded by 2007/47/EC, and is classified as a Class IIa product. It is ergonomically designed and easy to handle.

The Matrixmobil® consists of the control unit and the MaRhyThe manual applicator. All parts are sturdy and of high quality.

A distinctive feature is the purpose-built resonator attached to the MaRhyThe manual applicator; its form enables the harmonising effect of rhythmic vibrations on the body. This resonator guarantees a sensitive modulating adaptation of vibrations towards the tissue so that the risk of ligament hyper-extension and resonance harm of inner organs can principally be eliminated.

The resonator is made of hypoallergenic material and is very comfortable on the skin.

Deployment: In-House and Outdoors

The Matrixmobil®is so easy to use that it can easily be taken along and used wherever necessary. In just a few simple steps, it is ready to operate and thereafter can be put back in the shoulder bag.

The Matrixmobil®is a sturdy device that is constructed for long-term professional use. The materials – consistently primarily stainless steel, titanium and skin friendly plastics – are of high quality and markedly resilient.

For the treatment of patients with cardiac pacemakers, there is another resonator without magnets. There are also some accessories such as a shoulder bag or carrying case that complete the Matrixmobil® system.

The tool operates with the common mains voltage.

Technical Service

If your Matrixmobil doesn’t work properly, our service department will promptly deliver replacement devices and repair your instrument at a fair price.