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E-Learning: Basics of Matrix Rhythm Therapy

An interactive course with images, sound and video contributions

This online course consists of seven parts. Each chapter starts with a video presentation by Dr. Randoll, introducing the topic. After this the interactive learning program begins, taking you deeper into the subject.

Two characters accompany you through the whole course and now and then ask you to actively participate. In parallel, you will work through a special Course Workbook, which will serve you as a reference after completion of the course.

You complete the course by passing an examination quiz, after which you receive your certificate by e-mail.

Key data

Learning time: approx. 2,5 hours plus time for working through the workbook and repetitions

Learning Units: 7 chapters

Additional learning material: Workbook (PDF)

Examination Quiz: 26 Questions in form of multiple choice, single choice, matching, drag&drop questions. You are allowed to repeat the examination several times.

You will receive your certifcate by e-mail.

Cost: 79,00 Euro