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Why take part in an introductory workshop?

A precondition for the purchase is participating in the one-day introductory workshop. On the one hand, we fulfil the legal obligation to explain the device’s operating mode to our new customers (as per the German Act on Medical Devices). On the other hand, we will teach you the most important basics of the matrix concept, Matrix-Therapy and hands-on practical application with the Matrixmobil®. This training has been found to be very important and valuable for day-to-day use of your new equipment. You can expect a workshop in a pleasant and sophisticated environment! Apart from that, you will be offered a source of inspiration concerning the latest results from research and evidence-based background information.

People who might be interested are cordially invited to take part in one of our workshops. Further information, dates and an online registration form can be found by clicking “Workshop Human Medicine and Workshop Veterinary Medicine” on this page. We are also happy to deal with your telephone inquiry or written requests.

The language spoken in the workshops is generally German, but we take part in many events – international fairs and congresses – and there will be a chance of a private conversation to give you some product information in English. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We leave nothing undone to assist you.