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Modalities concerning the purchase

Before buying one of our devices, one should take part in one of our introductory workshops. This is mandatory in order to ensure maximum safety and quality levels. We teach the most important basics of the extracellular matrix concept, the essence of Matrix Rhythm Therapy and the handling of the Matrixmobil® in order to facilitate optimum therapeutic success.

If you are interested in a workshop, you can sign-up directly on our homepage (see Introductory Workshops). However, it is also our pleasure to send you the relevant documents for registration by mail or email.

Price information

  • The net price for the Matrixmobil® is EUR 3.550,00 + 19 % VAT
  • The net price for the Matrixmobil Alpha Synchronizer® is EUR 3.750,00 + 19 % VAT
  • If there are further questions concerning the purchase of a Matrixmobil® , please contact us. Our service is at your disposal at any time.